Bow to Fate is an extreme metal hybrid that combines a frenetic combination of uninhibited eight-stringed guitar riffs, fast and heavy drum pattern sounds, and voracious assaulting growling vocals, resulting in jaw-dropping captivating energy and groove.

Formed in 2022 in San José, Costa Rica the band consists of vocalist and guitarist Karlos Avila, drummer Diego Morales, guitarist Andrés Ramirez and bassist Pablo Matarrita, who together are forging their own unique path within the metal genre.

After releasing their first single Metatron in 2022, on September 2023 the band released their debut EP “Memento Mori”  featuring heavy drop-tuned 8-string guitar riffs, clattering hip-hop-inspired drumming, electronic music elements, and a mix of rapping and screaming vocals, infusing the band’s influences from several genres like nu-metal, deathcore, djent and hip hop.



Metal Batalla Wacken 2024

Sábado 21 de Octubre

Bar Aprete C – Cartago

5 PM – Cover ¢3,000




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