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Mistaken Identity

In an episode of our podcast we talk about the case of Joyce Ann Brown.  She was identified by the victim of a crime based on a booking photo.  I have added a side by side comparison photo of Joyce Ann Brown and a shot of Loraine Germany, who many think may have actually committed…

Episode 1: James Joseph Richardson

In the debut episode we discuss James Joseph Richardson.  James Joseph Richardson was convicted of poisoning his seven children in the late 1960’s. He was later released after the harrowing efforts of his attorneys. In this episode we will discuss the facts of the case and our opinions as to what may have gone wrong.

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Adnan Syed

02/06/2016 If you haven’t listened to the podcast Serial then you possibly have been living under a rock, but first off you should head over to their website and listen and then go find Undisclosed and listen to them, I found their information a lot better.  Adnan Syed was sentenced to life in prison for…