Mistaken Identity

In an episode of our podcast we talk about the case of Joyce Ann Brown.  She was identified by the victim of a crime based on a booking photo.  I have added a side by side comparison photo of Joyce Ann Brown and a shot of Loraine Germany, who many think may have actually committed the crime. Eyewitness testimony strongly plays to juries but we need to remember that the witnesses have endured at times very traumatic events.  Memory is a fickle thing, it is not a recording that we can play back on command, it can be contaminated by the circumstances and later swayed by investigators (sometimes unintentionally).  Joyce Ann Brown lost almost ten years of her life because of a case of mistaken identity.  Victims are known to focus on the weapon and pay very little if any attention to the perpetrators.  Please let me know what you think of the comparison and listen to the case in episode 6 of Bow To Fate.