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If you haven’t listened to the podcast Serial then you possibly have been living under a rock, but first off you should head over to their website and listen and then go find Undisclosed and listen to them, I found their information a lot better.  Adnan Syed was sentenced to life in prison for the 1999 killing of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee.  They convicted Adnan for the murder with no physical evidence and the basis for the conviction was the testimony of Jay Wilds, who was known for embellishing, and the cell phone data tying him to the dump site.

Adnan is back in court this week asking for a new trial, on the basis of ineffective council and new evidence coming to light, the cell phone expert they used was not provided with the cover page from AT&T instructing people viewing the information that incoming call data could not be used to approximate location.  At Adnan’s trial that is essentially what they did, they used that cell phone data to prove that Adnan was at the dump site of Hae Min Lee’s body.

Adnan’s lawyer at the time was going though extensive personal and medical issues and did not disclose this to her client, she also failed to call to the stand an alibi witness.  This week we finally got to hear from her.  Asia McClain, the alibi witness was confident and poised on the stand, she did not waiver from the fact that at the time of the murder she was actually with Adnan in the school library.  The prosecution attempted to show that she was either lying or mis-remembering the days events, in my opinion they failed and failed miserably.

The hearing is still ongoing, but last update Adnan’s new attorney had shredded, the Prosecution’s expert witness regarding the cell phone data, he had to admit that Adnan would need to have access to a helicopter in order for the data to make reasonable sense.  The post-conviction hearing will continue next week and a decision is expected a few days after it closes up.

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