1.8 Ryan Ferguson & Charles Erickson Pt. 1

Bow To Fate is a true crime podcast that focuses on cases of injustice with an emphasis on wrongful convictions.  Our goal is to lay out the facts of each case for you and provide opinions on where things went wrong and open a dialogue to discuss potential changes to our current justice system.  It is important to note that this podcast is not about bashing law enforcement or members of the court but rather an opportunity to fix what may be broken and institute real changes that will make a difference in how we choose to look at cases in the future. .

In episode 8 of Bow to Fate we discuss the wrongful conviction of Ryan Ferguson and Charles Erickson.  Ryan was eventually set free, but to this day Charles Erickson still remains in prison for the Halloween night murder of Kent Heitholt. This is part 1 of a three part series on this case so please be sure to stay tuned in for the additional episodes.  If you enjoy this episode please visit our website bowtofate.com to stay up to date with current events and episodes

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